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Elite Financial Consulting LLC.

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About Us 打印
  1. Previously incorporated as BizRite, LLC in 2003, providing financial and investment training to Chinese delegations in the US.
  2. Re-incorporated as Elite Financial Consulting ,LLC in Virginia, US in 2008 with extended lines of service.
  3. Provide clients with all around financial consulting and training services, including asset securitization, credit risk management, market risk management, operational risk management, financial instruments pricing and valuation, asset management, capital management and financial modeling.
  4. All partners currently working in key roles in leading US financial institutions, all CFA charter holders with minimum of ten years experience in financial services industry.
  5. All partners worked at top financial institutions in China and had in-depth knowledge of Chinese and US financial markets.
  6. Elite's senior consultants could also provide clients with expertise and services within their specialty areas such as credit cards, investment banking, econometrics and policy research, etc.



  •  Bring the best-in-class financial expertise and knowledge to serve China’s financial institutions and capital market in face of opportunities and challenges from globalization.



  1. Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS) and Asset Backed Securities (ABS)
  2. Financial Institution Risk Management (credit risk, market risk, operations risk)
  3. Credit Risk Governance, Credit Policy, Credit Management, Credit Pricing and Modeling, Credit Product Development
  4. Financial modeling
  5. Capital Management (Regulatory Capital, Economic Captial, Capital Allocation)
  6. Asset Management
  7. Fixed Income Investment
  8. Derivatives Valuation
  9. Restructuring Advisory
  10. Strategic Planning on Market Penetration
  11. Training Services on all topics above
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